Saturday, May 11, 2013


Hi all,

As I attempt to trudge through finals, I have had no time to sew.  I have been waiting for the perfect summer-like day to wear this dress.  But, until then, I will post the pictures of her on my dress form.

I wanted to make this dress in a solid dark color for an kinda elegant look. Since it required so much material and I wanted to make sure that I would be able to alter it with no problems, I decided to make a muslin.  You cant tell, but there are tiny little tulips on this calico print from Joann Fabrics.  The fabric was around $2/yd so it was justified that I could scrap it if I messed up.

I lined the bow

I have been waiting so long to post this and the alterations I made to it.  It was my first time sewing a Vogue pattern and it was shockingly easy.  I raised the back about 4 inches to fit my low back bra that I already had.  When looking for reviews or how other people wore it, I saw no mention of undergarment suggestions...

I did consider moving the ties down to where a bra would be, but it seemed structurally unsound and I felt like it would also look weird in the back.

I only have two gripes about this pattern.  One is the extremely high neck line in the front.  If I wasn't so concerned with fixing up the back I would have taken the neckline down just about 1/2" or so.  Also, it calls for self lining.  Had I done that, I'm pretty sure that I would have ran out of fabric.  Just a caution.

So I present to you.... *drumroll please*

Miss Tulie!!!!!!

I can't wait to wear this dress. NYC weather needs to get it together!!! Sigh. It took me Scandal Season 1 episodes 2-7 to hem this dress.... Fair warning. :-p


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